Polarex Hygienic PVC Ceiling Cladding Panels Installation Guide
– Direct Fix


Our Polarex uPVC Hygienic Ceiling Cladding Panels are suitable for Direct-Fix or Suspended installation. This installation guide illustrates the Direct-Fix method. The boards are 250mm wide, and available in 3m, 4m, 5m, or 6m lengths. They are a tongue and groove fix and available in a Satin White finish. A full range of fixings and accessories is also available.


To install the Polarex PVC Ceiling Cladding Panels simply follow the step-by-step instructions below:

1. Insert the Perimeter Channel around the edge of the area
2. Install the Ceiling Sections 600mm apart the opposite way to which the ceiling boards will run
3. Place the Perimeter Trim below the Perimeter Channel, this acts as a cover for the metal Perimeter Channel and ensure is that only white products are seen to provide the perfect finish
4. Slot the Polarex Ceiling Cladding Panels into the Perimeter Trim and ensure that they are running the opposite way to the Ceiling Sections.
5. Fix the Ceiling Boards into the Ceiling Sections using Wafer Head Screws.

For further details on how you should install your Polarex PVC Hygienic Ceiling Cladding Panels then please refer to the diagram below.

If you have any further queries regarding the installation of your Polarex PVC Ceiling Cladding Panels then please do not hesitate to contact us on 0800 458 0753 and speak to one of our friendly advisors in the technical team.