Polar PVC Ceiling Panels Installation Guide


1. A framework of PVC battens must first be fastened to the exiting ceiling or suspended from purlins at 40 – 60cm intervals. Battens must also run around the perimeter of the ceiling area. Battens must run at right angles to the desired direction of your ceiling panels.

2. Using wafer head screws fix the perimeter trim around the batten as close as possible to the walls. Calculate the length of the panel by measuring from the perimeter trim on wall A to the perimeter trim on wall B.

3. Deduct 2cm from this length and cut your panel to the desired size. Insert panel with the tongue into perimeter trim and push into position.

4. Screw the panel into position place at each batten by fastening through the panel’s fixing edge.

5. Once the first panel is in place push the remaining panels into the groove of the preceding panels and screw into position as before.

6. Before installing the final panel, ensure you trim the panel to the desired width then work into the perimeter trim with a pallet knife.