Polarex White Hygienic Wall Cladding to EU Food safe standards. Our product can be adhered directly to plaster, render, plasterboard, existing ceramic tiles and blockwork using our range of Polarex adhesives. The sheets are available in 2.50m, 2.75m or 3.00m sheets by 1.22m width. This product carries a Class ‘O’ Fire Rating. This product comes in a number of different colours and pastels. We also supply a range of tools and accessories in order for you to experience best results when installing the Polar Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding.
Before installation can begin Polar Hygienic Finishes recommend you to follow all safety instructions of our products that can be found on the label or the back of our products. Polar Hygienic Finishes also recommends you using safety wear such as googles, safety boots, face mask and protective clothing when carrying out any works relating to wall cladding installations. Please also make sure that the location of the intended works is well ventilated.
In preparation please make sure that all materials used are stored at the site of where the works/installation will be carried out, preferably at room temperature and for at least 24 hours. All walls must be fat residue and dust free. Flaking paints or coatings on the wall surfaces must be removed before installation and all surfaces need to be level. This is to make certain that the adhesive fuses together efficiently and securely. We do however; recommend preliminary tests are undertaken to ensure the surface is adequate to allow the adhesive and wall cladding to bond to the wall or surface.
The Installation
At the start of the installation ensure that the temperature of the room is not below 15°c and not above 25°c. To adhere to the wall we recommend a ‘glue gap’ of 20mm by using Polarex Double Sided Foam Tape placed on the reverse side of the sheet. For best results you need to apply three strips width ways of each. Polarex sheet, positioned at the bottom, middle and top of each sheet, generally no more that 500mm apart, this will ensure a good bond to the wall surface. (Please see diagram 1 below). The next stage is to use a notched trowel (Polarex Adhesive Trowel) with our Polarex 2 Part Adhesive and apply evenly on the back of the Polarex Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding.

Diagram 1 – Installing Polarex
This is the reverse side of a Polarex Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding Sheet. The Red Strips in the diagram indicate where the double sided tape needs to be positioned on the sheet. When applying Polarex double side foam tape you will need three strips, strip one goes at the top 20mm from the edge, strip two at the bottom also 20mm from the edge and the third in the middle central of the sheet panel. The 20mm gap allows sufficient room for the jointing strip at the top and transition strip at the bottom.

Diagram 2 – Installing Polarex with Vinyl Skirting

This shows how you should position the double sided tape to a Polarex Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding Sheet. This diagram refers to vinyl being positioned 150mm up the wall. Once the adhesive system is complete, the Polarex Wall Cladding Sheet will need to be positioned over the vinyl 50mm, to give a 100mm skirting. When apply the Polarex double sided tape Strip 1 goes at the top 20mm from the edge, Strip 2 is central (in the middle) and strip 3 (bottom) should be 50mm from the edge. This allows room for the sufficient room for the jointing strip at the top and vinyl – sheet at the bottom. Please note: All areas on diagrams 1 & 2 that show the white areas is where the Polarex 2 Part Adhesive is to be applied using Polarex 5mm Notch Adhesive Trowel (below).

Once the 2 Part Adhesive has been troweled on to the Wall Cladding you will need to pull back the film from the adhesive tape and put the sheet against the wall surface pushing only on the areas of where the adhesive tape is situated at first, then you can do the same to the other areas. It is very important that any adhesive residue that has come through on to the front side, edges of the wall cladding, corner trims and joint strips is removed/ cleaned off immediately before it has a chance to dry and harden. Failure to do so will leave glue marks that are very tricky to remove. In most cases it will have to be removed mechanically which will quite possibly leave scratches and marks to the surface. The final part of the adhesive system is to allow it to adhere for 24 hours.

Last Phase of Installation
To finish the installation process it is vital that all gaps are to be sealed using Polarex white silicone sealant to match the Hygienic Wall Cladding. This is a quick drying, mould resistant sealant that forms a watertight rubber seal. Once the sealant has been applied and it has fully dried, immediately remove the protective film from the wall cladding, wash down to avoid the static build up and attraction of dust (please see our cleaning and maintenance document found on our website).

Installation is complete.

Installation of Polarex PVC Wall Cladding when Vinyl is coved up the wall
When beginning the installation process where vinyl is up the wall 150mm and you would like to install the Polarex Hygienic PVC Wall Cladding in that area you will need to apply the Polarex double sided foam tape the same as you would following the normal installation instructions, the only difference is the bottom strip of double sided tape will need to be 50mm from the edge as opposed to 20mm to allow room for the vinyl. With regards to the corner strip you will need to apply a little sealant to each of the corners (inner side) to help with the adhesion. You will also need to adjust the corner strip slightly (approximately 5mm) to allow for movement (expanding and contracting). Continue the first installation instructions to finish.
Installation of Joint Strips and Corner Trims
When using a joint strip to connect wall cladding together we would suggest applying a small drop of sealant to each of the corners of the joint strips. This will help with the adhesion on the wall cladding. With corner trims again apply a small drop of sealant to each of the corner sections of the trims. You must make sure that the corner trim is not aligned exactly to the corner of the room, please make sure that they are 3-5mm shorter. When you connect another Wall Cladding sheet, the
corner trim should then align to the corner of the room.
General Care
It is important to not direct any form of flame, heat or heated lamps in any of the areas of the Polarex Hygienic Cladding, this also includes water above the temperature of 60°C. Please do not use any abrasive cleaners or cleaning equipment s
uch as, wire wool, pads and mechanical cleaners, this can cause some cosmetic wear to the surface of the Wall Cladding Sheet. Extraction systems are recommended for locations that produce excessive heat; this will avoid any expansion to our
product. Polar Hygienic finishes recommend that any heat sources such as hot pipes or steam are to be eluded from the hygienic wall cladding areas or they are to be contained and insulated, this will help protect the wall cladding.