Polarex Lightweight Batten for Polarex Hygienic PVC Ceiling Panels


Lightweight Batten for Polarex Hygienic PVC Ceiling Panels

  • The Polarex Lightweight Batten is specifically designed to be fastened to the existing ceiling to create a framework for Polarex Hygienic PVC Ceiling Panels
  • Suitable for Direct-Fix & Suspended installation
  • Battens must be run at right angles to the desired direction of your ceiling panels
  • Ensure the Batten is fixed round the perimeter of the room for Direct-Fix or suspended from purlins at 40-60cm intervals for Suspended installation
  • Satin White 1-Part U-PVC trim
  • 3m in length

Direct Fix vs Suspended Installation
Direct Fix ceiling installation is much easier & results in less service interruption, and requires minimal depth which means installation is possible in most rooms. Suspended ceiling installation offers multiple benefits such as hiding irregularities, stains and other defects of the main ceiling, and are very low maintenance

Technical Information
♦ Installation Guide
♦ Product Warranty

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